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Walnut 3 Grill Handle Set – 2 Screw Model


The Walnut 3 Grill Handle Set – 2 Screw Model is suitable for all Weber Kettle Grills that have a 1 handle on the lid, and 2 handles on the bowl.

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Walnut 3 Grill Handle Set  – 2 Screw Model

Walnut is generally straight grained with a course texture. It is a dense wood, but it machines, nails and glues without difficulty. Walnut has good bending properties and accepts finishing well. Its sapwood is creamy white and its heartwood ranges from light to chocolate brown. This species is often steamed to darken the sapwood.

This is a 3 grill handle set is suitable for Weber Kettles with 1 handle on the lid and 2 handles on the bowl.

The Double screw handles fit all vintage Weber 18” and 22” Metal Bowl Handle Kettles


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